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2076 Union Avenue
Suite 202
Memphis, TN 38104

Graduation Requirements

Upon graduation, students will receive a Diploma in Massage Therapy. To receive a diploma, students must:

  • successfully complete the 700 hour program consisting of classroom instruction and required coursework, including:

- a minimum grade requirement of “C” (75 %) in each course.
- 70 documented massages in required categories.
- a final practicum demonstrating the ability to give a full body massage.
- a typed research paper and oral class presentation.
- completion of all course requirements.
- satisfactory attendance.

  • receive and document a full body massage from 3 different professional massage therapists
    (in addition to the one received prior to enrollment).
  • pay the total amount of tuition and all school related fees.
  • return all library and reference materials.
  • comply with all rules and regulations of the school.
  • complete all of the requirements listed above within 45 days from the published date of the last day of class in which student is enrolled, unless granted an extension (fee applies) by the director.
  • complete an exit interview.


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