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Course Descriptions

Sciences 200 hours
Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Kinesiology and Neurology

Students are introduced to the structure and function of the human body. Students explore all the body systems, learn the major muscles, and study diseases of the body determining when massage is indicated or contraindicated. Students learn how massage affects the functioning of all the systems.

Massage Theory and Practice 200 hours

Students learn scientific soft tissue manipulations (stroking, kneading, stretching, friction, percussion, vibration, compression and range of motion), history, benefits, indications and contraindications of massage, draping and turning procedures, positioning and the use of hand held tools and devices. Also included are client evaluation, feedback, charting and documentation using S.O.A.P. notes.

Allied Modalities 150 hours

Students learn theory and methods from Eastern, European, Western and Ayurvedic philosophies. Focus is given to hygiene, body mechanics, wellness, meditation and self-care as well as HIV awareness and adaptive massage for special populations. Allied modalities also include aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, information on electrotherapy and heliotherapy that incorporates infrared heat. There are classes on trigger points, reflexology, seated massage, sports massage, business, marketing, communication, ethics, law and safety. In addition are presentations on The Americans with Disabilities Act, the Peer Assistance Program and various referral methods within the healthcare system.

Student Clinic 150 hours
70 documented massages

Students participate in supervised student clinics and labs on the general public, faculty members and other massage therapists, and pass a final practical exam at the end of the program. Instructors will provide suggestions for improvement during massages. All massages will be documented with completed client information and client feedback forms.


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